AYS Travel Guides prides itself with over 10 years of exceptional services in the tourism sector with hundreds of clients served annually. We are for the tourist who loves exploring amazing places and we are excited to take you to the most eye-catching destinations across Cameroon throughout the year from the heights from Mount Cameroon (4,095m-high) to the shores of Limbe and Kribe to Waza Park in the Far North, the Dja Reserve classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Northwest, you won’t want to miss driving through the 360km Ring Road with its breathtaking scenery and also get a glimpse of over 35 crater lakes, several volcanic mountains like Mount Oku (2,900m-high), the magnificent Menchum waterfall and more.

We also provide transportation, camping equipment rentals and accommodation services. Welcome to Cameroon, the security of our clients are of utmost important to us. We hope you will enjoy our services and your stay in Cameroon.

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About Cameroon

Africa in Miniature

Cameroon, also known as Africa in Miniature is a choice destination with a lot of attractions for any visitor. The country has a lot of natural attractions and many other phenomena that are not found anywhere else in the world, making it possible to have various categories of tourism. Situated at the heart of Africa, indeed straddling West Africa and Central Africa, and stretching from the elbow of the Gulf of Guinea on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, going through evergreen forests which gradually fade into grass land Savannah until it reaches the sandy regions of Lake Chad, Cameroon has features which are found in all parts of Africa and thus affirms it tittle as Africa in Miniature.

Cameroon presents specificity in terms of its relief, climate, wildlife and vegetation which provide throughout the year various forms of tourism: sea-side tourism, mountain tourism, congress and business tourism, safari and hunting tourism, Eco-tourism and cultural tourism. Cameroon also host a significant number of lakes including crater lakes created by volcanic activity, largest among include Lake Barombi at Kumba, Lake Balend near Bafoussam, Lake Tison and Mbalang around Ngaoundéré, the twin lakes of Manenguba as well as lakes Oku, Nyos and Wum in the Northwest.

The population of Cameroon is made up of more than 200 ethnic groups with different customs and traditions, some of which have survived till date, especially in the north and west of the country. A lot of diversity can be observed in the way of life, the folklore, the religion, housing and culinary habits. The oval houses of the Massa people in the north are unique in design in the world. The historical artifacts that abound in Cameroon are a testimony of the creative nature of the people, while the monuments and other vestiges of past events attest to the colonial history of the country. English and French are a remarkable indication of the bilingual culture of Cameroon.

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cultural tourism

Let’s take you to the most eye-catching destinations in Cameroon.

The 400 km long coastline of the Atlantic Ocean is very suitable for tourism, with a lot of attractions like colorful bays, rich sandy beaches, and a variety of small islets, mangrove vegetation and waterfalls that plunge directly into the ocean.

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