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We are for the tourist who loves exploring amazing places and we are excited to take you to the most eye-catching destinations across Cameroon throughout the year from the heights of Mount Cameroon (4,095m-high) to the shores of Limbe to the seaside resort city of Kribi to Waza Park in the Far North and the Dja Reserve classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Northwest, you won’t want to miss driving through the 360km Ring Road with its breathtaking scenery and also get a glimpse of over 35 crater lakes, several volcanic mountains like Mount Oku (2,900m-high), the magnificent Menchum waterfall and more.

Places to Go


As a result of the concerns for the preservation of the environment, measures have been undertaken in Cameroon to classify and protect some natural sites for various purposes, including scientific, ecological and tourist activities. The imposing Mount Cameroon, which is 4,095m highland, has vegetation which dates back to the Quaternary period.

Seaside Tourism

The 400 km long coastline of the Atlantic Ocean is very suitable for tourism, with a lot of attractions like colorful bays, rich sandy beaches, and a variety of small islets, mangrove vegetation and waterfalls that plunge directly into the ocean. Home of many magnificent and relaxing beaches of both white and black sands.

Safari Tourism

Cameroon has seven national parks including the Waza Park in the Far North Region which is home to animals that are a reflection of African wildlife (elephants, lions, giraffes, black rhinoceros, panthers, buffalos, antelopes, hippopotamus, hyenas, gorillas, hartebeest, cheetahs, etc…).

Cultural Tourism

The population of Cameroon is made up of more than 200 ethnic groups with different customs and traditions, some of which have survived till date. It’s historical artifacts are a testimony of the creative nature of the people, while the monuments and other vestiges of past events attest to the colonial history of the country.

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“During my 9 weeks in Cameroon I hiked Mt Cameroon twice, hiked twin lakes, and several other trips around Cameroon with As You Said Tour Guides. I find their willingness to customize trips far beyond the other guide companies. I also appreciated that they are locally owned and operated”

Brian Crosier

“Informative, friendly and safe tour guide who took us up the amazing mount Cameroon. i hurt my knee on the way down and it took maybe 4 times as look to get down. Thompy was patient and sweet and he looked after me so much, it would have been a terrible experience without him. Thank you Thompy”

Fiona Brown

“I used As You Said Tour Guides for a day trip to the Ekom-nkam waterfalls in Nkongsamba. They planned everything so well. I felt taken care of and we had an amazing day and learned the history of the area. I totally recommend As You Said”

Ryan Arnold

“I have been to the Mt Cameroon twice and to the Ekom Waterfalls during my stay in Cameroon and I can highly recommend the As you said Tour Guides. The team is friendly and perfectly organized and operating in local ways so that you can get to know their culture and their way of living”

Laura Sc

“I lived in Cameroon for nearly two years and Thompy was an excellent guide (and friend) for everything you could imagine. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Whether you are looking for someone to take you hiking on Mount Cameroon, bring you to the famous Ring Road of the North West region, or just a beach trip to the beautiful beaches of Limbe or Kribi - Thompy and As you Said Tour Guides is your best bet”

Antionia Morzenti

“As you said tour guides” is a highly recommendable organization when you are looking for literally anything in Cameroon. It is a very trustworthy organization which organizes tours according to your personal wishes and needs. Tour leader Thompy is a great tour guide, for example, he can support you with your visa application and can arrange transfers to and from the airport”

Celine Koreman

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